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About Us

Chai is an integral part of a typical Indian’s daily routine and is found from roadside stalls to the highly famous cafés. Even after coming so far ahead, somewhere down the line, there are places and people who still crave good, hygienic yet, affordable Chai. Building on this concept and intention, Chai Pot came into existence, an interpretation of an authentic and clean Chai place.

Monika Reddy, the founder of ChaiPot, is a Psychologist, a tea sommelier, an Entrepreneur, and an alumnus of Harvard. ChaiPot was brewed out of Monika’s love for tea and her desire to provide every chai lover with a hygienic, home-like, and yet affordable cup of Chai – the drink that fuels every Indian!
She aspires, since day one, to provide healthy and homemade tea that every person, chai lover or not, never forgets the taste of. Tea has many health benefits, yet many underrate it. The vision of Chaipot is to change this perception.
We focus on offering the best quality, fresh, hygienic yet, affordable Chai and some products that go well with tea. You will find both, desi and videsi varieties of tea at ChaiPot. Our Unique Selling Point, without a doubt, is that we use all organic ingredients (with no artificial colours or flavours added) that enhance the quality of our Chai as well as your experience with us! Our first store is located in Hyderabad. We would love to have you visit us.

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About The Logo

The Chaipot logo depicts the voyage of our farmers and we strongly believe that it should speak louder than we do. Chaipot is an ode to the farmers of India and with the creation of Chaipot, we bring to you the warmth from the soil of our country. The freshness from the farms of our country gets blended with various organic ingredients to get you the most exotic experience. The tea life in the tea kettle of Chaipot will take you on a ride across the states with flavours of our land in each sip. We wish to charge you with warmth and affection because we believe that Chai is not a beverage, it’s an emotion. And with these emotional threads, we wish to build an everlasting relation with YOU!